The "Cave" is our smaller private dinning room. The Cave is a traditional "Chef's Table" right by the kitchen with seating for 6 people. The decor consists of faux stone "cave" walls and animal print lounge pillows. The atmosphere is quiet and personal-

Roadhouse Cafe, Florida opened it's doors December 27th 2007 under the management and ownership of Marc and Sherri Neeley. Like their sister restaurant in Hyanniss MA. Cape Cod, the Roadhouse Cafe, Florida combines outstanding cuisine with live Jazz entertainment thus providing a very unique experience in elegance and fine dining in Southwest Florida.

The "Wine Room" is a semi-private room separated from the main dinning room on one side by a metal work screen and completely walled off on the other three sides. The room comfortably accommodates up to 18-20 persons as the seating configuration is able to be varied whether the desire is for one large table or several individual or concentrically arranged tables within the room.

Private Dining At The


The Roadhouse offers two private dining rooms for special events or just to add a little something special to your average night out. We can accommodate your special events; everything from birthday parties, graduation celebrations or anniversary dinners to holiday gatherings and wedding receptions.

We would be happy to assist in your event planning.